Chicago Marathon Training W5D6 - 15 Miles

Sometimes it all comes together. The weather, the route, the physical and mental aspects.

I ran Boardtown’s long run route today. It was three miles longer than my training plan called for. The sky looked like a painting. The trees hung over the road. I ran and didn’t want to stop. My girlfriend met me at Mile 13 with a donut. 

It was a perfect morning.

  1. seechrisrun said: Refueling like a champ!
  2. whitneyrunson said: With a donut! Damn. The bf brought me salt & vinegar chips after my run today, but I think the donut wins.
  3. arkansascello said: Yes!
  4. carolynrennt said: You goobers are so cute. And thanks for the tip about dew point!
  5. captainmudphud said: Y’all are disgustingly cute together.
  6. buildingothersup said: That’s love
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