Chicago Marathon Training W2D2 - 5 Miles

Either I’m starting to acclimate to the heat, or I’ve fried enough brain cells by this point that it’s starting not to matter. Whichever the case may be, this felt like a decent run.

Since this is my second marathon training cycle, I’m focusing on correcting some of the things that I feel like I could have done better last time. I’ve rearranged my running schedule to include back to back longer runs. I’m taking on a cross-training project in the form of swimming. The last big item on the list is nutrition and weight.

I ran St. Jude at 215# or thereabouts. Right now I’m about 10# over that number. Less body mass means less energy needed to run, so I’d love to get to somewhere in the 20x range by the time Chicago rolls around. There’s also the nutrition issue. I can tell a huge difference in my running based on what I eat, and I’d like to get some insight into the mechanics of that.

So here’s tonight’s reading assignment.

I generally don’t like diets with marketable names and really regimented eating plans, but I’m all for learning a bit more about sports nutrition.

You know, sometimes I have a really hard time figuring out how to end a post.

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